Will Michael Ever Get His Memories Back?

At the last season of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Rafael were about to move in together, and

Is Michael Alive?

he was planning on proposing to Jane, but Rafael found out that Michael is ALIVE! Paetra lied to JR to protect herself but then JR found out the truth that she murdered her sister.

Paetra tried to explain, but JR left her until she realized that Paetra was in real trouble. When JR got to the room and saw that Paetra was about to get shot, JR fired off her gun. Whom did JR shoot? Continue reading “Will Michael Ever Get His Memories Back?”

Fuller House – What will happen in Season 4?

On the last season of Fuller House, there was heartbreaks, love and relationships, growing families, and moving back to where it all began, home.

The whole gang finally decides to move back to San Francisco. DJ and Matt break up, as well as CJ and Steve because DJ and Steve still had feelings for each other. But on a sweeter note, Stephanie and Jimmy decide to have a baby and Kimmy chooses to be their surrogate.Fuller House

What will happen in Season 4? Will DJ and Steve stay together? Will they break up after waiting so long to be together? Will Stephanie and Jimmy have only one child or more? I think that they will have twin girls since we already have twin boys, Nicky and Alex. DJ and Steve will stay together, but there will probably be a lot of obstacles. Unfortunately, not all relationships are perfect.

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Is Michael Alive

In Season 4 last episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane Villanueva finds out that Michael Cordero Jr. is alive! How Jane Villanuevacould this possibly be? Well, we never did see Michael’s body or a funeral. So, how did we not know if he was alive or not?

Now, I know everyone must have questions about where has Michael been, who could he possibly be working with, or did someone kidnap him and hold him hostage?

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