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Uncle Monty’s Going Out of Business

Stephanie has been raising baby Danielle on her own ever since Jimmy went off to work. She has been struggling to juggle being an aunt and a mother. Stephanie is excited for Jimmy to finally be coming home to her...Read More

Renaissance Faire Gone Wrong

Stephanie decides to sit on a nice pile of warm clothes. Kimmy sits on a warm pie for relaxation. Stephanie and Kimmy’s way of relaxing is so funny. Who would sit on a warm pie for relaxation? Stephanie and Jimmy...Read More

The Prom

Prom is here, and Ramona is excited! She and Casey are going together and have decided they do not need dates. Will they both be able to go all night without partners? Ramona is maybe sorts of determined, but Casey...Read More
Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party

Stephanie and Jimmy have a chance to learn the sex of the baby. Jimmy does not want to know and wants it to be a surprise. I want to see the gender of the baby. I am more of a...Read More