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This is Mars

Rafael told Jane he needed space, and they could not be together at the moment. Jane’s novel “Snow Falling” was a success, and she is a published author. Jane has been helping her father with his proposal, and they decided to call it “This is Mars.”

Petra and JR were cuddling on the couch, and JR had a target on her. Someone was after JR. It was Petra’s daughters, and they did not want their mother to be with JR. They decided to work through it and give it another shot.

Alba and Jorge have finally decided to be together. Finally! I am so happy for them. Will Jorge and Alba get married? If so, when is the wedding? Continue reading “This is Mars”

Relationships are Complicated

Jane has finally told her goodbyes to Michael and is finally moving on with her life. She wants to be with her true love, Rafael. He cannot be with her because it is too late, and he cannot trust her anymore. Alba is still in love with Jorge, but he does not feel the same way. Jorge may change his mind later and still love Alba.

Rogelio starts his pilot with River Fields. Petra was almost shot, and JR saved her. Rose has a plan in place and has sent Bobby to help make it happen. Luisa is falling right into the trap.

Will Rafael ever forgive Jane and still be in love with her? Will Jane get to be with her one true love forever? Will Jorge have real true feelings for Alba, or is this just so he can stay in the country? What is Rose up to, and will she be able to get away with it? Continue reading “Relationships are Complicated”

Goodbye Michael

Jane and Rafael are having relationship issues. Michael regained his memories and has asked Jane to go to Montana with him. She has decided to go to Montana with him. Jane and Rafael are still not in the right place. He does not want to talk to her and needs his space. Jane is nervous about her trip with Michael. She needs to figure out what her heart desires. Does she want to be with Michael or Rafael? Continue reading “Goodbye Michael”

Mystery Number

Jane is in a love triangle with Rafael and Michael. He is taking the separation hard. Rafael is having issues of his own and is taking some pills. What is he taking?

Alba still has feelings for Jorge. They are married so that Jorge can stay in the United States. They have their immigration visit. Will the appointment go well?

Petra and JR are having issues in their relationship as well. Will JR be able to trust and forgive Petra for everything she has done?

Rose knows that Luisa is working with the police. Can Dennis and Michael crack the code and figure out what the piece of paper means? What is Rose hiding? Continue reading “Mystery Number”

Jane’s 30th Birthday

Jane is turning 30! It is a big deal for her. Is her birthday going to be everything she wished? She and Rafael are not in the right place. Michael is back in the picture, has made their relationship rocky. Mateo is not happy about the situation either.

Jorge hurt Alba is not in love with her, but she has her family support. Her family is there for her always. They have each other’s backs.

Xo having to pass out during Mateo’s Grandparent’s day was very scary. I am glad that she is okay. Xo needs to make sure she is taking care of herself even when she is taking care of everyone else.

Now that Petra and JR are back together, do you think that they will stay together? I hope they do because they make a great couple. Petra deserves to be happy after everything she has been through in her life. Continue reading “Jane’s 30th Birthday”

Jane’s Worst Nightmare

Jason remembers that he is MICHAEL! He remembers everything about his life. Michael remembers his first kiss with Jane and getting married. Will he tell Jane that he remembers before he leaves town? Jane is ready to be with Rafael. How do you think Rafael will feel about Jason remembering that he is Jason?

Alba and Jorge have been sending letters to each other. Will, he and Alba, be together for good, or is it just for show? Petra and JR have been texting. Do you think Petra and JR will get back together soon? I sure hope so. Petra deserves to be happy. What do you think her mother, Magda, is in town? What is she planning? Continue reading “Jane’s Worst Nightmare”

Michael Gets His Memories Back

Rogelio and River Fields are finally filming in a pleasant setting. River gave Xo a paper that made her freak out. What could be on a piece of paper? Jane and Rafael are a couple and living together.

Jason cannot still remember who he was as Michael. Jason kisses Jane while they were line dancing. Of course, he apologizes, but I do not think he is ready to leave Jane for good.

Michael throws away the divorce papers. Jane is prepared to let go of the past and focus on the future. Will Jason allow Jane to be happy or cause trouble between her and Rafael. Continue reading “Michael Gets His Memories Back”

Will Michael and Jane get a Divorce?

Michael came back from the “dead,” which he never died in the first place. Rafael is trying to hold on to Jane but with Michael in the picture, who knows who she will choose. Are Jane and Michael married? That sure will complicate things with Rafael if they are married.

Rogelio is very stubborn lately, but why? Maybe it has something or someone to do with it? Alba is in love with Jorge, and he is back. Is he staying or leaving? Continue reading “Will Michael and Jane get a Divorce?”

Will Michael Ever Get His Memories Back?

In the last season of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Rafael were about to move in together. He was planning on proposing to Jane. Still, Rafael found out that Michael is ALIVE! Petra lied to JR to protect herself, but then JR found out the truth that she murdered her sister.

Petra tried to explain, but JR left her until she realized that Petra was in real trouble. When JR got to the room and saw that Petra was about to get shot, JR fired off her gun. Whom did JR shoot? Continue reading “Will Michael Ever Get His Memories Back?”

Is Steve Getting Married?

In the last season of Fuller House, there was heartbreak, love and relationships, growing families, and moving back to where it all began, home.

Is he ready to get married? The whole gang finally decides to move back to San Francisco. DJ and Matt break up, as well as CJ and Steve because DJ and Steve still had feelings for each other. But on a sweeter note, Stephanie and Jimmy decide to have a baby, and Kimmy chooses to be their surrogate.

Will DJ and Steve stay together? Will they break up after waiting so long to be together? Will Stephanie and Jimmy have only one child or more? I think that they will have twin girls since we already have twin boys, Nicky and Alex. DJ and Steve will stay together, but there will probably be a lot of obstacles. Unfortunately, not all relationships are perfect.

Continue reading “Is Steve Getting Married?”