Is Michael Alive?

In Season 4 last episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane Villanueva finds out that Michael Cordero Jr. is alive! How could this possibly be? Well, we never did see Michael’s body or a funeral. So, is Michael Alive?

Now, I know everyone must have questions about where has Michael been, who could he possibly be working with, or did someone kidnap him and hold him hostage?

Jane and Rafael Move In Together

Jane and Rafael move in together. Rafael surprised Jane with a house. The house is in Mateo’s school district, and the neighborhood is excellent. He also plans on proposing to Jane, but that does not happen.

Rafael Solano tried to shut her out after he found out from Rose that Michael is still alive and well. Rafael knows that he may lose Jane over Michael again.

Jane found out from her family that Rafael is proposing. She is so excited about the proposal! It is what she has been waiting for her whole life only if the feeling could last.

Alba’s Citizenship Party

Jane is planning Alba’s surprise party and also working on her novel. Alba Villanueva becomes an official United States Citizen. Everyone celebrates Alba’s citizenship.

Jane and Xiomara Villanueva were very excited when they found out that Alba wants to marry Jorge. She explains that it is just a business arrangement. Jorge and Alba get married so that Jorge can go and see his mother before she passes away.

Are you excited and happy for Alba getting her United States Citizenship and also for marrying Jorge? I know I am very happy for the two of them. Hopefully, it will come out to be more than just a business arrangement.

After the party, Rafael asked Jane to meet him at his place in hopes that he will propose. Jane gets an epiphany about her next book.

Petra and JR?

Petra Solano is in love with a woman named JR. JR is short for Jane Ramos. JR did not want someone to call her Jane since there was already one Jane.

After Alba’s Citizenship party, Petra finds herself in trouble, and she cannot get out of it. First, JR figures out that Petra was the one that pushed her sister off the balcony. JR knows she cannot be tried again for trial. JR gets mad and leaves.

Do you think Petra and RJ should stay together? Petra and JR should stay together. Yes, Petra has done horrible things in her life, but who hasn’t? Wouldn’t you risk everything to save your family? I know I would.

Petra’s ex-assistant calls JR and warns her that she is not the one that was after Petra. The real killer was still out there. Petra came face to face with her killer, and JR shoots the individual that has been after her and saved Petra.

Who could the person be that JR shot? Who has been after Petra? Petra’s mother, Magda, is probably the one that was after her. She did want to take over the hotel.

Is Rafael going to get his Happily Ever After?

Alba and Xo watch Mateo while Jane goes to see Rafael at his place, hoping to get a proposal, but things take a turn for the unthinkable. It will be a shocker for everyone, especially Jane.

When Jane arrives at Rafael’s place, she walks up to the door and finds Rafael upset and worried. Rafael has been hiding a secret for a while, and he finally decides to tell Jane the truth.

Jane walks in and finds MICHAEL. What? Can it not be happening? He is ALIVE. How could this be possible? What will this mean for Jane and Rafael? Rafael was going to propose to Jane and live the rest of his life with her.

What do you think Michael and Rafael talked about before Rafael had Jane come over? Why did Michael Cordero Jr. decide to come back now? Michael and Rafael could have been talking about Rose, or he was undercover for a job. Michael may have decided to go back because of the dangerous part of the job is done.

How long do you think Rafael knew Michael was alive? Do you think Rafael knew all along? I am not sure if Rafael knew the entire time. I think he only knew that short period when he went to visit Rose.

Is the person we saw Michael, or does he have a twin brother? Where has Michael been this whole time? Did Rose kidnap and keep him away from his family? Is he working with someone, and if so, who?

I do believe that the person we saw was Michael, and he was hiding out for a reason. I do not think he had a twin brother. Rose may have been using him as leverage and just waiting for the right time.


Season 4 of Jane the Virgin went off with a twist. If Michael is alive, is Jane going to be with Michael or Rafael? Jane has numerous things to think about her relationships. She will probably feel happy, hurt, angry, betrayed, and many more.

Michael will have a lot of explaining to do. What do you think Michael will tell Jane? Do you think Michael Cordero Jr. will say to Jane Villanueva the truth? Michael should tell Jane the truth because if he does not, he may lose her forever.

After everything settles down between Jane, Rafael, and Michael, who do you think she will choose to be with, Rafael or Michael?

Jane should be with Rafael. Yes, I know what you are thinking. She should be with Michael, but he left without telling her anything. He pretended to die and disappear from his family. How can you forgive him? I know it would take me years to forgive him. Rafael has been there for her through everything since Michael died allegedly.

Let me know your comments down below what Jane should do.  

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin Creators.

14 thoughts on “Is Michael Alive?

  1. What an exciting story, to be accurate, I have never read season 1-3 of Jane the Virgin. Still, from what I read, it’s like I have been tracking the story from the beginning, you were so thorough, and you make the whole story so easy to understand. 

    The situation between Jane, Michael, and Rafael draw my attention. If Michael left Jane without a hint and Rafael has been by her side for a long time, it is going to be a tough decision to make on who she should live with for the rest of her life. I cannot wait to see what will happen next. 

    I have bookmarked your website, waiting for season 5.

    1. Hi Ngonidzashe Manzwangani,

      Thank you for commenting. I also cannot wait for season 5. Who do you think Jane should be with, Michael or Rafael?

      Thank you, 

      Winter Rose

  2. The last time I watched Jane the Virgin when she was accidentally artificially inseminated by the sister doctor of the man who ends up being her baby’s father. 

    It’s was a real twist, as she was in love with someone else, but carrying another man’s baby. Of course, her very religious beliefs via her mother stopped her from getting an abortion.

    The show seems to have come far, but still, it does not look evident. I will have to catch up on all the missed episodes. 

    1. Hi Jag Randa, 

      Thank you for commenting. 

      It would be best if you caught up on the seasons. The past few seasons have been mind-blowing. I still cannot believe that Michael is alive. I do not know if she should be with Michael or Rafael. It will be a very complicated story. We will have to see what season 5 holds.

      Thank you, 

      Winter Rose 

  3. Yes, Michael Cordero is still alive. But…his name isn’t Michael anymore, His new name is Jason.

    Sin Rostro who is the villain behind basically every bad thing in this series. ( I dislike him) faked Michael’s death, then put him through a bunch of electroshock therapy, which caused amnesia though upon his return into Jane’s life. Michael’s earliest memory is waking up in a field in Montana with no idea how he got there. 

    1. Hello Chimmhogevagreenesnr. Yes, his name is Jason because he got amnesia. Sin Rostro did a horrible thing and disrupted lives. Jane has to cope with learning her husband is back from the dead, and they are still legally married.

      Thank you for the comment.

      Winter Rose

  4. I have not seen the series yet, but I am intrigued and have decided to catch up with it after reading your article! The romance, the many twists, and turns, the betrayal and suspense all point to a very engaging next season. Thanks for the article, excellent storytelling, loved it 🙂


    1. Hello Sandeep. The series is excellent! It keeps you on your toes every episode. It makes you want to watch the entire series in one night.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Your welcome.

      Winter Rose

  5. Thank you so much for sharing such an exciting story with us. I missed a few episodes of this. When Michael leaves Jane, the story always feels new. Jane’s companion was Rafael, and she would spend time with him. Now through the strained relations of the three. The question is with whom will Jane live with now? I think Jane should be with Michael now. Waiting for what will actually happen. I will share the article on my social media so that my friends can find out about it and watch the next episode and interesting.

    1. Hello Md Millat,

      Jane and Michael have been through a lot. When Jane lost Michael for four years, she fell in love with Rafael. Michael and Jane will love each other, but not in the same way she loves Rafael. Jane is in love with Rafael.

      Thank you for commenting and sharing my post on your social media.

      You can find me on all social media under the contact me page.


      Winter Rose

  6. I sincerely applaud the question from this great article. Yes, Michael Cordero still lives, but he has gone further, changing his name to Jason. Sin Rostro who is the villain behind basically every bad thing in this series. But I really would love to know why Michael’s death was faked. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Perryline.

      Michael’s death was faked because Sin Rostro thought he had figured her out and knew what she was doing. Michael had no clue who she was at the time. Sin Rostro faked his death and kidnapped him also gave him memory loss.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Winter Rose

  7. This was a very intriguing and exciting story. It even had me asking the question, “Is Michael alive?.” I also think that it was just a vicious and un-compassionate rumor. As the people spreading it looked to have no concern for the persons who would have been mourning for the loss of a loved one.

    Then when Michael did a turn indeed up alive and well, it was quite a shock.

    Now Jane is going to be caught in the middle of a love triangle. Faced with a tough decision to make. Will she stay with Rafael, or will she go back to Michael? Poor Jane. Decisions, decisions.

    1. Hello Donald,

      Jane is trapped in the love triangle. She is planning life and future with Rafael. Her dead husband comes back from the dead. Jane is pulled between the two men and has to make a lot of decisions. Jane will get through it and will make the best decision for her.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Winter Rose

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