Jane’s Worst Nightmare

Jason remembers that he is MICHAEL! He remembers everything about his life. Michael remembers his first kiss with Jane and getting married. Will he tell Jane that he los-angeles-mar-20-gina-450w-1346427215remembers before he leaves town? Jane is ready to be with Rafael. How do you think Rafael will feel about Jason remembering that he is Jason?

Alba and Jorge have been sending letters to each other. Will, he and Alba, be together for good, or is it just for show? Petra and JR have been texting. Do you think Petra and JR will get back together soon? I sure hope so. Petra deserves to be happy. What do you think her mother, Magda, is in town? What is she planning?

Jane Divorcing Michael

Michael and Jane have not seen each other yet, and they are both at the hotel. She sees him looking at her as he leaves the hotel. Jane chases after him on a scooter. She finds him at the bus stop to go to Montana.

Jane says to Michael, “You remembered? Then why were you gonna leave?” Michael says, “I just… should. I only got off the bus ‘cause I saw you almost get run over and I decided Ilos-angeles-mar-15-brett-450w-261107138 probably should not end things that way.” Jane says, “I do not understand.” Michael says, “It has been four years, Jane. You have a life.” Jane says, “Is that what you want?”

Michael says, “I just want you to be happy. Do you want to talk?” Michael and Jane catch up and have lunch together. Michael tells Jane that he still loves her. She leaves to go pick up Rafael.

Afterward, Jane goes to visit Petra for advice on what to do with Michael. She tells Jane to divorce Michael and stay with Rafael, but Jane is still not sure what to do. Petra and Jane decide that if Petra sends the text to JR that Jane will send the divorce papers.

Then Jane ran into Michael, and he came from visiting his mother. Jane decides she made a mistake from dropping off the divorce papers in the mail, so she decides to stop the mail truck. Jane gets her divorce papers back. Is she doing the right thing or making matters worse for her and Rafael?

Making the Right Decision

When Jane was little, she dreamed of always finding her father. In her dream, her father threatened to take her away from her mother and Alba. Of course, it was only a dream. Xo was always there for Jane. Now that she is older and living with Rafael, Jane has him to lean on after a nightmare.

Rafael remembers Jane’s book-anniversary. She published her book a year ago. Writing that book took guts, and I am so proud of Jane for getting the courage and writing her story. Now she can write a novel on her husband coming back from the dead.

Jane calls Rafael and wishes him good luck on the open house but does not tell him that Jason remembers he is Michael. Right before they go to bed, Jane says to Rafael the los-angeles-mar-20-justin-600w-1346428148news. Rafael is upset that Jane will not get a divorce from Michael.

She has a ton on her plate that she is trying to process, and Rafael is making the process very hard for her. He is too pushy. She needs to make the decision on when it is the right time to divorce him.

Jane is having another nightmare. Jane is trapped by Rafael and Michael. She does not know who she is marrying. Jane is at the edge of the land and jumps in the water. She wakes up from the nightmare. Jane feels trapped by the two men that she loves and is conflicted on how to process her feelings for both of them.

Petra tells Rafael that Jane mailed the divorce papers, so he decides to celebrate with Jane. Jane tells him that she could not send them. Divorcing anyone is a huge decision and process. Jane is overwhelmed with her feelings and wants to make sure she is making the right decision.

Rafael comes home and asks Jane if she is still in love with Michael and she does not know, so Rafael asks her to leave. Jane leaves and realizes that this was her worst nightmare. I feel for Jane. It must be weighing so heavily on her heart about her decision to divorce Michael and marry Rafael or stay with Michael and leave Rafael.

In Love

Jorge is coming home to Alba soon. She is so excited to see him and loves the letters he has been writing to her. Alba meets Jorge when he comes back, and Jorge only wrote those letters because his sister said it would be more convincing. Alba got upset and left to go to Mateo’s Grandparents Day at school. Should Alba tell Jorge how she really feels? I think Alba should because it will not be fair to her if she keeps her feelings to herself.

Grandparents Day

Mateo has grandparents day at his school. Mateo made a picture of a butterfly for Xo. Jane, Rafael, Xo, and Rogelio go and celebrate grandparents day. Alba came after talking to Jorge. Mateo and Xo dance at grandparents day at his school. Xo starts to not feel well andrea-navedo-attends-paley-center-450w-1345451963and collapses on her way to the car. Xo gets checked out at the hospital, She is just dehydrated, but she will be okay.

Rafael came to see how Xo was doing. Xo wants Mateo to remember her as a strong, vibrant, and fun grandma. Rogelio lets Xo know that she is healthy, energetic, fun and much more. Mateo loves his grandma. She is amazing.

Rafael drops Alba off at home and picks up Mateo. Xo is a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother to have, and she should be glad that she has a wonderful grandson like Mateo.

Mommy Trouble

Petra tells Jane how excited she is that JR texted her back. Jane tells Petra to wait for her to respond. Petra’s mother, Magda, is back since she killed her source of income, Petra’s sister. Petra is getting a restraining order against her mother. Petra has been served with papers instead of the other way around. Her mother is suing her for emotional distress.

Petra’s mother handcuffed them together. She wants fifty grand from Petra, but she is not giving her a dime. Magda is hilarious to think that Petra is going to give her money. Petra goes and talks to JR. They made up. I am so happy for them. Petra and JR are going to figure out how to deal with Magda together. This should be great to see what the two of them come up with to deal with Magda.


Jane is torn between Rafael and Michael. Yes, she is with Rafael, but she cannot let go of Michael just yet. Rafael told her to leave since Jane cannot make up her mind who Jane wants to be with. Jane is not sure what the right decision is, and Rafael feels hurt that she is still in love with her husband, Michael. Michael is her husband that came back from the dead at the wrong time.yael-grobglas-attends-paley-center-450w-1345451975

Alba was so excited to see Jorge. She has feelings for him, but he does not feel the same about her. Her heart must have broken hearing that from Jorge.

Xo passing out at Grandparents Day at Mateo’s school was so scary. Mateo made her feel better hearing his speech.

Petra’s mother, Magda, is crazy to think Petra will give her a dime, so she is suing her. Petra is distraught by the situation, but at least some good news came out of it. Petra and JR got back together.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin Creators.

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