Michael Gets His Memories Back

Rogelio and River Fields are finally filming in a pleasant setting. River gave Xo a paper Michael Gets His Memories Backthat made her freak out. What could be on a piece of paper? Jane and Rafael are a couple and living together.

Jason cannot still remember who he was as Michael. Jason kisses Jane while they were line dancing. Of course, he apologizes, but I do not think he is ready to leave Jane for good.

Michael throws away the divorce papers. Jane is prepared to let go of the past and focus on the future. Will Jason allow Jane to be happy or cause trouble between her and Rafael.

Staying Together as a Family

“Jane was raised on a steady diet of telenovelas, Catholicism, and the sun shining only on her.” Rafael goes to the open house and takes Mateo to Karate. He says there are no offers on the house, and Jane tells him about Michael asking her out on a date. Rafael is not happy with the situation. They decide to go out on a romantic night together.

Mateo Sees MichaelMateo screams because he sees that Michael is back from the dead. Mateo wants to know how dead people come back to life, and Jane tries to explain the situation. He got upset that his mommy is still married to Michael and is worried that they will not be a family. Jane should stay with Rafael even if Jason (Michael) gets his memories back. Four years have passed, and everything has changed.

Rafael still has not gotten any offers on the house. He planned a romantic date for him and Jane, but she turned him down because his daughters have been feeling a little neglected.

Jane also tells him that instead of a coffee date with Michael, it will be a fishing date, then he will sign the divorce papers. Rafael gets a little upset and decides to see his twin daughters.

Jane explains to Mateo that Jason is bringing the divorce papers by and that he is leaving to go back to Montana. She lays down the law that Mateo is sleeping in his bed. Jane and Rafael finally get some alone time together. She receives a text from Petra that JR texted back. I am so glad that JR texted Petra back. I hope they can work things out.

Jane wants to have more kids in the future, but Rafael can no longer have biological children. She wants to adopt, and he is open to adoption. If Jane and Rafael do take other children into their home, What do you think they will choose?

Fishing Date

Jason meets Jane at Alba’s home to get the divorce papers, but he has other plans. “Jason wants to take Jane on a date to make sure the spark is dead.” Jason texts Jane that if they go on one date, he will give her the divorce papers.

Jane runs into Michael, and they are going on a fishing date. It does not go well, and theyFishing Date fall off the boat into the water. Jane asks him to sign the divorce papers.

Jane tells Michael that she cannot have him in her life. Jason has already bought a bus ticket and is planning to move back to Montana. He apologizes to Jane.

Jason comes by Alba’s house to drop off the divorce papers to Jane. They say goodbye. As Jason walks away from Alba’s home with the fishing pole, the fishing pole pokes a hole in the roof outside on the front porch of Alba’s house. It starts to snow.

Jason REMEMBERS Michael and his life with Jane. Oh My Gosh! Does this change anything for Jane? Will she still go through the divorce?


Rafael runs into Michael. He asks Michael, “What the hell are you doing?” Jason says, “Dude, she is my wife.” Rafael says, “She is not your wife.” Jason says, “Legally, she is.”

The FightRafael says, “She is with me.” Jason says, “I got that. But I have been learning a little bit about my history, and the way I see it, Jane was with me, and you tried to steal her away, but she still chose me. We got married, then I died, and you moved in on her. So yeah, I am taking my wife out on a date.”

Rafael texts Jane and tells her to “hurry up and get those divorce papers.” Rafael is so jealous of Michael. He is worried that he will lose Jane and she will go running back to Michael. Do you think Jane will leave Rafael?

Equal Pay

On the paper River Fields gave to Xo is that she is getting paid two times more than Rogelio. Rogelio is going to be outraged when he hears about this.

He comes home, and Jane tells him the news. Xo tells him, “Do not overreact.” Rogelio says, “Oh, I would not dream of overreacting. Acting is reacting, after all. And since I am a professional actor, I will react in a perfectly professional way.” We all know Rogelio is not going to handle the situation in a professional manner.

The next day, Rogelio is with River acting out one of the scenes. River says, “So, Xo told Equal Payyou.” Rogelio says, “That you are a backstabbing backstabber who stabs people in the back? Yes, she did.” River says, “Calm down. This is beneath you.” Rogelio says, “Oh, it is beneath me, huh? You know what else is beneath me or rather, if I may be more accurate, beneath you? My pitiful pittance of a paycheck.”

River says, “Why don’t we all just take five?” Rogelio says, “Oh, which means I only get two and a half, right?” River says, “You are acting like a child!” Is Rogelio acting like a child? Rogelio could have handled the situation differently, but he was doing what needed to be done.

River and Rogelio are arguing over gender pay. River thinks it is a fight for women equal pay to men and not the other way around. Rogelio feels that they should be paid equally, and I agree that they should be paid equally. They are both acting in the same telenovela and have equal parts.

Rogelio kicked River in the face, and now half her face is paralyzed. Rogelio should have never kicked her in the face. Rogelio is upset about the gender, race equal pay.

Xo came to talk to River, and she has a change of heart as to why Rogelio is fighting for equal pay. River Fields is on his side one hundred percent. River went and demanded equal pay, so now she and Rogelio have the same payment amount. They both apologized to each other.

Feeling Left Out

Jane and Mateo are having brunch with Petra and the girls. Jane gets a text from Jason apologizing for scaring Mateo and asks her out on a date. She ignores it. Mateo and the twins get into a little argument, and they try to resolve it. Mateo and the girls destroy the kids club at the Marbella. They decided to help the children apologize, but Jane realized that Petra had been left out of the picture lately.

Feeling Left OutJane goes to see Patra. She gives the kids a project to make an album of them playing nicely together. Petra is having issues with Jane, and they sit in a tent. Petra feels left out by Jane. She feels hurt that Jane did not confide in her about the Jason’s situation.

Jane sees Petra as her sister because she did not grow up with one. Petra feels the same way, and They made up. Jane explains the whole Jason situation to Petra.

Petra tells Jane that it is best if Jason leaves. She reminds Jane that Michael’s life is in Montana, and hers is here and that she has a great thing going with Rafael. Petra is a little upset that JR will not let her contact her. Jane gives her advice to butt dial her instead, and it worked. JR texted her back.


Jane and Rafael’s relationship has been very rocky but stable lately with the Jason/Michael situation. Jason and Jane went on one date. Rafael was very hurt and upset about the entire problem. Jason kissed Jane and did not think about how that would make Rafael feel. Michael was way out of line for kissing Jane. Do you think he was out of line?

Rogelio gets very upset that River Fields is making twice as much as he is, and she finally comes around to seeing his point of view.

Petra feels hurt by Jane that she did not confide in her about what is going on with Jason. They talked it through and made up.

Jason drops off the divorce papers, and as he leaves Alba’s, he remembers that he is Michael. Jason REMEMBERS, Michael! What could this mean for Rafael and Jane’s future?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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  1. Michael has made Jane and Rafael’s relationship escalate so fast. Michael is way out of line trying to win Jane back after all this time. She is with Rafael and Michael coming back has put a strain on their relationship. Michael remembering his love for Jane has changed everything. I am glad that Rogelio fought for equal pay because everyone deserves the right to equal pay.

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